Health benefits of Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is considered among the oldest spices and unsurpassed ingredient in the kitchen. It has a very pleasant smell and taste and is used as an addition to fruit salads, pies, and other desserts. Many people like the coffee that sprinkled with a little cinnamon, because it will get a special flavor. It may also be added to tea and other drinks.
In fact, one has to distinguish between two types of cinnamon. One is Ceylon cinnamon, which is better and recommended for consumption. The second is that the Chinese cinnamon, which is of lower quality, and as such is acceptable for industrial manufacturing fresheners, scented candles and the like. Chinese cinnamon is not recommended in the diet because it contains more coumarin than allowed. Ingredient coumarin in larger doses may cause kidney and liver damage.
See why cinnamon is good for your health.
1. It controls blood sugar levels – Many studies have shown that cinnamon has a positive effect on glucose levels.
2. Treating fungal Infections – Studies have shown that cinnamon oil is effective in treating infections due to Candida, such as Candida Tropicalis and Candida Albicans. It relieves the symptoms brought on by poisoning – Cinnamon has a strong antibacterial effect and is excellent in treating stomach problems caused by salmonella and E. coli. Ground cinnamon, oil or tea of cinnamon, are effective in neutralizing stomach issues. Helps in the treatment of symptoms of irritation gut syndrome – Cinnamon drastically reduces the unpleasant symptoms of irritation bowel syndrome, especially helps with flatulence. This plant stimulates digestion and helps in the treatment of bacterial infections. Additionally, cinnamon is an excellent remedy for stomach cramps.
5. Helps with osteoporosis and arthritis – Cinnamon is rich in manganese, which helps build bones, blood and connective tissues in the body. Individuals who have less of manganese in the body frequently suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis.
6. Cinnamon affects cognitive development and memory – Regular consumption of cinnamon protect the health of the brain and improve concentration.
7. It is strong antioxidant – Cinnamon is one of the very best foods full of antioxidants. They help regenerate tissues and relieve the body of harmful free radicals.
8. Helps with weight loss – Cinnamon improves circulation and can speed up metabolism. Therefore, you will be successful in the fight with overweight.
9. Relieves muscle pain – should you feel pain in your muscles it helps you massage cinnamon oil.
10. Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides – This hot plant operates Prevents heart disease, due to lower the amount of triglycerides, cholesterol, and excess fat.
11. Cinnamon improves the health of teeth and gums – Cinnamon oil is frequently utilised in the production of chewing gum, candy freshening breath, mouthwashes, and toothpaste. This is primarily due to the strong antimicrobial effect of cinnamon.
12. Relieves colds, sore throat, and cough – Tea made from cinnamon or tea with cinnamon positive effect on problems caused by a cold or a sore throat, and can relieve a cough.
13. Relieves symptoms of PMS – Since it’s rich in manganese, cinnamon is a great way to decrease the unpleasant symptoms of PMS. This spice relieves spasms and relieves tension.
14. Against the symptoms of food poisoning – Cinnamon calms ailments brought on by food poisoning, can neutralize bacteria, fungi, and other microbes.
15. Regulates menstrual cycle – Cinnamon helps women who have polycystic ovaries so they can regulate the menstrual cycle.
16. Relieves a hassle – If you are suffering from a migraine or regular headaches, first aid can be tea of cinnamon.
There are a lot more cinnamon advantages, but we should use it carefully because if we use it too much it could lead to damage. Use Ceylon cinnamon to eliminate coumarin related side effects.

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